Hockenhull Mill

Of all the discoveries at Hockenhull Platts ( yet to be  elaborated), one remains tantalisingly out-of-reach. All the research stemmed from seeing a field-name on a tithe map of 1839.

This was a national survey conducted in the mid-19th century. It mapped and produced an ‘apportionment’ of every field in a parish. It detailed who owned the field, its occupier, the field size and usage, any buildings and, for this  research, any mills or relevant field-names. In their own right, tithes are  fascinating, informative, and  offer lots more avenues of research but sadly, not here…for now anyway!

One field-name on the Hockenhull map stood out; field 32, Millfield. Never before had anyone had a notion of a mill being there. There is written evidence to support a watermill or windmill, or both, being by the Gowy. A few doubters believe it to be confused with nearby Stapleford Mill and in turn, this mill is confused with Walk Mill, a little further up river.

Clearly, the case for Hockenhull Mill needs to made. Further research is ongoing but soon the story will be revealed.