Picton Mill

This a special mill because of its early date. A mill with little historical evidence so this post will understably limited. It is not recorded as far as I know.

O.Bott: Picton Mill (438 713P) (1187-1286 AD) ‘The type of mill is not specified and its location not identified.’ 1200 EPNS  Cartulary of the Abbey of St,Werburgh, Chester. (Cheshire History, No.11, Part 2 (1983) pp52-65

The above, also from the same source, not Ormerod as included. A second reference, is from Ormerod, Vol 2, 1819, p.441.

  Richard de Vernon gave the tithes of this vill to the abbey of St, Werburgh, before the charter of 1093, and Warvin Vernon, by a deed in the Chartulary, gave ivs issuing from the mill of Picton

Dodgson IV p.132:  A mill, molendinum de Pycton, with variant spellings ,c.1200-1250 Chest (J.Tait,The Chartulary of the Abbey of St. Werburgh, Parts 1 &2,  (ChesNS 79, 63); a C14th  MS., with C17th additions…..also, molendinum de Pitton 1326  from R.Stewart-Brown, Accounts of the Chamberlain and Other Officers of the County of Chester (LCRS 59),1910.

A field-name is not given. Location therefore, not known.