Kelsall, The Frog Mill


10th Dec 20

The Frogmill, is a recently discovered, unrecorded mill. I had met the name in searching tithes maps two years ago. In a recent search of possible lost mills in Dodgson’s Place-Names of Cheshire, Vol 3, I came across an interesting reference on p.128 for Acton, Nantwich : Froggemulne c,1302, Frogghe Mulne 1303-5 (‘mill at a place infested by frogs.’)

In Elspeth Thomas’ book, The Story of Kelsall’ (posthumous 1987?),p.82 reads:  The Frogmill may well have been the nickname for a small area of marsh on the newly enclosed Kelsall Smeath. 

EDT 221/2  SJ 522 675 Field 452 Owners: Trustees of Chester Blue School, Occupier James Prescott.

Today, a remaining area of the marshy ground remains alongside Salters Brook Locating the actual mill site is conjecture but Greenwood’s 1819, offers a possible one.

A small pool is visible at a junction of two roads. The mill  would be on firm ground off the marsh but, clearly on the brook. The modern includes new roads, into the housing estate not shown on early maps. A further clue is shown on the OS 1875. Access to the road puts the mill (circled) on field 253 also owned and occupied as in 1838.

Finally, an aerial view of the site in relation to the wider settlement area. Note the road. The Wynd, forms the border between the two relevant fields.

Further research might be of use, but the redevelopment of the area is unlikely to bring anything, unless it’s archaeological.